Digital Solution

Digital platform that collects and deploys site-specific critical information to first responders.


Designed to suit the needs of stand-alone operations or be easily integrated with other smart city solutions.


Designed and developed in collaboration with fire departments, police services, military and other emergency services and operations centres.

Global problem
A decrease in response time by one minute is a 2.8% reduction in fatalities from residential fires in Sweden. This is just one example of how response time in all emergencies is crucial in saving lives and reducing injuries. A persistent challenge for first responders is the lack of real-time information on building/property layout, location of emergency vehicle access and number of residents. First responders are significantly limited in their capability to provide timely and efficient response without access to this crucial information.
Our Solution
Safeplan securely collects and deploys site-specific critical information to first responders in the event of an emergency. With seamless digital transition, Safeplan facilitates rapid damage assessment and needs analyses on-the-go. Timely access to critical information supports effective decision-making and reduces time required to execute response efforts. By offering clients access to key data available anywhere, anytime, Safeplan maximizes the capability of emergency response en-route, reducing the loss of life and property.
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